Steven Hernandez

Frontend Developer

I am working with VueJS, JavaScript, TYPO3 and I love trying out new technologies. Here's more about me, what technolgies I use and my motivation.

About me

I am a Frontend Developer

My Passion is to continuously learn and get better. I love to develop beautiful websites and web-applications and I like to be creative where I can. Here's one of my favourite albums ever.


Stay current

I do mostly VueJS projects but partially TYPO3 as well. I use version control with Git and Gitlab. I write CSS as SCSS. I try to stay current with all the technologies I use.

My Motivation

Knowledge and beauty

I always try to learn new technologies. I want to learn as much as possible and be able to craft the most beautiful websites and web-applications. If I need a certain technology for a project that I dont know yet, I learn it.